Student Professional Development

Professional Development Series

Did you recently attend or present at a conference? Asking yourself, Now what? Keep the momentum going! Networking can be scary. Reframe ideas around networking to a relatable experience meeting new folks that are also super interested in the same things! Finding your community is what unites us as humans and creates a feeling of something bigger than ourselves. Come away from this workshop with actionable steps to build your community and allies regardless of what you're hoping to achieve (i.e. an internship, full-time job, research assistantship, graduate program, a community that confirms your identity within your chosen field).

This fall's workshops focused on preparing students for a research showcase at a virtual conference hosted by Jorge Lopez, Elite Career Moves. Each experience is unique and can be shared in a concise way that spotlights your strengths and opens the door to new opportunities to connect.

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How to Create a Research Video that Pops

What is your story for the audience? Let's explore what you want to relate. Is it going into details about your months-long journey of trial and error? Are you trying to tell a story or solve a problem? What will your audience remember and what will they take away? Come away from this workshop with actionable steps to engage your audience and build momentum into why your work is important.

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Engaging Your Virtual Audience

You've done the hard part already - spent months researching, reading, trying and retrying. Now you are ready to tell the world how awesome your work is in a way that is intriguing to them. To avoid a boring experience for yourself and your audience. Learn how to create a story that makes the research digestible to a broad audience and respond to questions that continue moving your story without losing the audience.

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